Wendy and Lucy and Me

I went to check out a brand new film “Wendy and Lucy” (to us anyway, it was filmed in 2007) over the weekend.   I tried to like it but I couldn’t.  I was hoping I did but I didn’t.  In a way, that makes me feel sorta bad cuz I start to wonder if I lack appreciation for art (art-ish story telling v.s. conventional Hollywood movie style of beginning, fat middle and the happy ending with sex and violence).  Was I expecting that?  I think I might have been wanting it to give me some kind of up-lifting/thought provoking life message or something like that after reading the review….well, I dunno.


Wendy and Lucy


One response to “Wendy and Lucy and Me

  1. Yah this one didn’t give much hope… It isn’t that you don’t appreciate art… just this particular one. :) LoL. There were good points to the movie, the characters were a bit endearing and I (as an audience member) really sympathized with Wendy… :)
    It was what it was it seems.


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