All of these things in life

My cell rang at 8:00 in the morning interrupting otherwise my peaceful sleep, I woke up to a good friend of mine Gigi’s voice.  “Oh my god, you should come right now, these cinnamon rolls are incredible!”  I saw her preparing it last night, and she baked them first thing in the morning.  They were indeed yummy,  I took advantage of them with a fresh cup of coffee.  Thanks Gigi, you are the best.  Shortly after I met my friend Pete at a local coffee house, we talked up a storm  about work, sex, love and our future (not necessary in that order).  We also shared our concern about our parents, his dad is fighting alzheimer’s disease, his mom just diagnosed breast cancer and my father had stroke recently (thus my trip to Japan).  Heavy but good talk in the morning and he also bought me lunch to go.  Thanks Pete, I love you dude.  I rushed to my studio cuz I was so closed to miss my monitor calibration appointment with my computer/photographer friend, Jon.  My monitors were bit off but not off enough to wet my pants about.  Knowledgeable Jon had no problem giving my happy healthy monitor back.  Thanks Jon, good work!  While Jon was working on my monitors , I had to deal with my printer.  It just stop printing while it was printing half way through the document last night.  Come on, man!!  Half way through??  Couldn’t you just finish the whole thing and then break down??  My silent prayer was not answered and I could never revive it.  I had to go out there and get a new one.  How is it possible that the cost of a new printer is actually less expensive than a set of ink cartridges?  (I almost wet my pants on this one)  While Jon was working on monitors and I was working on my new printer, a neighbor (office) of mine stopped by and told me his wife was about have a baby girl.  He said the baby girl was due today, but evidently she wasn’t ready to come out just yet.  He had a big smile on his face and reminded me that we were doing a new-born baby session.   I’m ready for ya, happy daddy!

So much stuff happen to all of us everyday and (often times) we don’t pay enough attention to them.  And we may wonder one day what’s happened all these years.  My school librarian told me once when I was a seriously broken heart lost kid back in 1991, “life is not easy, but to be bitter about it is to waste precious moments in life”.  I think I’m beginning to get it now.


Cinnamon roll

Gigi's Cinnamon Roll

Happy Healthy Monitors

Happy Healthy Monitors

New Printer :-)

New Printer :-)



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