Konichiwa Japan

It’s sorta hard to believe that less than 23 hours from now I will be en route to Japan for a month.  (exciting)  I know I have some expectations for this trip but I also know that I’m trying to ignore, or rather, suppressing those expectations.  (numb)  It’s been 6 years since last time I was there, so it will be very interesting trip for me.  (nervous)  I don’t recall my being this nervous when I first came to this country as a teenager…  It’s been 26 years and I know more about a lot of things nowadays but nervous?   Nervous about what?  I guess I’ll find out once I get there.



4 responses to “Konichiwa Japan

  1. Safe journey, Kenji and Godspeed. Come back and share what you faced and what you learned … Blessings, Sue


  2. wonder if you are there yet…you’ve got to be there – humph! i wish i could call you.


  3. Hey Kenchun,

    I’ve been thinking of you a lot today. I hope you are loving yourself!!


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