I was disappointed but now I’m better. Thank You!!

I bought a super tiny little cute laptop yesterday for my folks to do Skype with me.  They don’t like any computer involved equipments at all, so I told them it’s not a computer but it’s a TV Telephone.  I think they like the idea that they can see who they are talking.  AND for free. However, here’s let down.  For first three weeks here in Japan I was okay not having Internet access, but since I set my mind on having it for the next and my last week here and finding out not be able to have it was a big disappointment.  I wanted to set everything up for my parents and show them how Skype works and all.  Expectation.  That’s what kills.  But how can we not have expectation for our lives and for our future?  Isn’t what make us move?  Make us want to better ourselves?  Okay, I just realized how lucky I am that I can even complain about it.  Thank you Mom and Dad, Buddha, God and whatever whatchamacallit up there, I’m still breathing and healthy and super fun. (00:07)



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