Good Luck To You!!

I’ve done many stages of wedding photography such as obviously the day of the wedding, but I’ve also done bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, dress rehearsal day and dinner, and the earliest stage I’ve done so far was “finding the wedding dress” session.  I’d go to a bridal store with the bride and a bridesmaid(s) to document the whole process of finding that perfect dress for the bride.  That’s fun.  Aside from Engagement Sessions, I think that’s pretty early stage of wedding photography, don’t you think?

However, I almost made a record today.  I received an inquiry from a groom-to-be to take pictures as he pop the question this weekend!!  Hallelujah!!  Although I didn’t get the job due to a budget conflict, it would have been fun and my very first to actually capture someone proposing.  Man, I would’ve gone crazy over this kind of assignment.  Good luck to you this weekend, Tony!!

Anyway, I’m now totally inspired by this, and I want to extend this to anyone out there who’s thinking about doing the deed. (popping the question)  If you are, great.  I will do you more than what you are looking for.  And if you know someone who is thinking about doing that, then please send them my way, and YOU will receive some kind of spanking goodies. (Referral Reward Program)  Thanx!!



These images are not related to today’s entry…Previously used headshot session set up was still intact, so I was just being a goofball as usual….


One response to “Good Luck To You!!

  1. annaleekeefer

    i wanna see that kick ass scar! in b&w.
    is that a tennis ball in your arm?
    the pics of sus padres are quite full up with that familiar domestic love.


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