Japan Update II

I was so lucky to be able to attend my Jr. High School’s Entrance Ceremony.   The number of students have been decreasing each year, and they only had 18 new students for this coming year.  I made a short movie on this, so check it out in JAPAN 2009 VIDEOLOG.


3KIDS FINALblog18 young hearts + 2 teachers


1GROUP02blogThey were the official photographers that school “hired” who also work as the office administrators for the school.


2GROUP04-4cc4x6blog18 new students, mostly their moms, 2 dads and 2 teachers


4MOM-1ccblogParents: Pretty Pleeeeeeze!


5MOM-2ccblogOne of the father later told me that he had never seen the parents being cute in photos for this kind of event, and he thought this was the coolest image ever.  All of these parents are younger than I am, so they got to have some fun in them.



In the afternoon, my father and I took a ride to high ground to check out our newly built windmills.  There are 13 of them all along the hill top.  I was the one wanted to check them out because they are new to our area, but mostly because so that I could have a quality time with my father.

6IMG_7422blogA windmill, view from its base


7IMG_7443blogMy father


8IMG_7456-3AVnew2blogMy father and I

.9IMG_7549cc4x6spblogOne of my cousins (left) at his Dairy Farm and two interns from Philippines.



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