2009 MFA Spring Show Winner

I just received an email from one of my former assistant who is now going to San Francisco’s Academy of Art Master’s Program saying that he will be awarded for 2009 MFA Spring Show!  I hear it’s a quite an honor to even have their work in the show because there were several thousand entree and all.  Their work will be exposed to professionals of their chosen field and might, just might bring them new and exiting opportunities!  I’m gonna have to ask him future jobs someday….

Check out his work at:  www.shaughncrawfordphotography.com



It seems like just the other day when he graduated from UCSB, but it’s already been two years



An epilogue for the book for the book I produced for him as a graduation gift



2 responses to “2009 MFA Spring Show Winner

  1. shaughnphotography

    Dude Kenji!
    Im so glad to be on your site but I haven’t won yet. I was saying that I will win awards as in I am feeling confident about my chances. However I have won awards both this last year and my first year. I finally got things rolling on my blog and look forward to continuing my musical journey.
    More later,


  2. shaughnphotography

    Also dude. My website is http://www.shaughnphotography.com

    not shaughncrawfordphotography.com


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