Japan Update III

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My father checks out one of his mountain: “IPPONKUNOKI MOUNTAIN”

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My father is visiting a neighbor near his Ipponkunoki Mountain.

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I think she is fashionable in a very inaka way.

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WC in a very basic form.

6 shun farm

One of my other cousin’s farm: Shun’s Farm.  (Not Dairy)

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…and his cows.

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This is one of the house that my father had built over 50 years ago.  He had returned here for repairs many times since.

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He asked my father to build this house.  He still lives there.  He sees things okay but can’t hear much anymore.





This is UENOHARA MOUNTAIN where weeds have grown quite a bit, but trees have grown very nicely.  He says these trees are grown enough that won’t be bothered by weeds anymore.  It’s just harder for us to walk through.


He inspects his mountain. (Uenohara Mountain)


These trees are very healthy.  Over 40 years old.


We are getting some weeds out of way so that we can have easier access to the street above.



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