i Madonnari, 2009

IMG_7497blogNEW A perfect day for photographing iMadonnari, Italian Street Painting Festival in Santa Barbara by o-my Santa Barbara Mission.  Nice and shady but not dark nor wet.  A poifect day.  Many beautiful works and my best pick of this year is this 3/4 done close-up face of a girl.  I think the fact that her face was not completed, it gave her a look of concern or worrying about the situation of her face merging in or dissolved in to the pavement.  I liked it right away.  Good painting.  I didn’t think it was how the artist intended but photographic illustration kinda way that it was the shot as it was (for me), and I had to take it.  The artist is Catherine.  I think she is a up and coming artist and gonna be big.  She said she didn’t have her artist website yet (coming out soon), but an email address if anyone want to see her portfolio, or commission her work:  catherine.estrada@yahoo.com





… and here are rest of the incredible works. Wow, thank you all the artists!


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