Japan Update XII 四月二十四日の様子

This sunrise was photographed from the highest place in my village called SHIROYAMA, (城山) which means “Castle Mountain”.  The sunrise was not exactly what I envisioned, so I had to go back there two days later for a reshoot.


Sunrise #1

Sunrise #2

Sunrise #2

Sunrise #2.  Thick cloud covered almost entire morning sky except very close to the horizon, there was a strip of opening where I can see the sky.   As the Sun first came up I could see powerful and bright sunlight shine through this opening, and soon without showing entire body of himself (the sun) it moved up into the thick cloud above it and disappeared completely.  It was interesting to watch the whole show.   The thick cloud seemed more powerful than the Sun, from down here anyway.  (see the entire sunrise show on videolog)


Mobiki, Kagoshima, JAPAN

Mobiki, Kagoshima, JAPAN

This is the view of about the half of my town, I guess you could call it “downtown”.  The other half is scattered around the area, deeper into the mountain and down the valley.



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