Japan Update XIII 四月二十五日の様子

A friend of mine Kozue from Tokyo visited me here Kagoshima.  I picked her up at a seaport and  we went for a little walk on Sakurajima Volcanic Park.




It was a cloudy dull day and needed a punch.  A watercolor treatment in Photoshop to give more saturated color.



People were out and about for a picnic and also collecting Abalone or something…I wasn’t sure what, but they were digging around and seemed like having a fun day.



While we were at the park I noticed many birds were flying above us.  What kind of birds were they? I couldn’t tell, but they were just gliding on the wind from the ocean.  Some of them were very close to us about 20 feet above us, and some were way up there like… few hundreds feet up?  (check out the fella in red circle)  As much as I wanted to be a bird and fly around the world, I couldn’t help myself thinking if there were any birds out there that were Aeroacrophobia?  That would be a real bomber.  Ahhhhhh!  What about this, let’s say you are a bird and you are way way up there and then suddenly you got tired of flapping around your wings, then what?  Ahhhhhhh x2.

I like high places.  Tall buildings are my favorite places.  If and when I’m in high rise buildings and I’d  always try go up to the highest floor I could possibly go (preferably the rooftop).  I like looking down from up above and the idea of jumping off sort of gives me butterflies in my stomach.  Not only I know I like “the idea of jumping”, but also I definitely know that I’m not doing that.  If you were a bird and flying way up there and you got tired of flying thing or suddenly you (as a bird),  let’s say lost your balance and fall uncontrollably?  I was just wondering about that…   Hey, but that’s not aeroacrophobia, is it?  That’s more like, “I don’t like flying”.   But I love flying on  airplanes!!


blog0425-06 blog0425-07 blog0425-08

When we were done walking around volcanic scenic walk, we stopped by Ougaku pottery studio/factory (OUGAKU TOUGEI).  Kozue wanted to try ceramics workshop to create her own art cup.  Here I met a wonderful artist, Hiromi Yokomichi who owns and runs this place with her two other sisters.  They have very unique way of producing their work which use their own SAKURAJIMA VOLCANIC HOT RED WATER and VOLCANIC ASH from SAKURAJIMA and mix them with standard clay.  Evidently you’ll get one of a kind texture and color on your work.  This “EXPERIENCE” workshop is offered to people in the U.S. too, so If you are interested in trying this out, please let me know.  I will put a group of people together and make a Ougaku Experience Workshop Trip to Kagoshima, Japan.  Hiromi definitely has people personality and great to hang out with.  I had so much fun talking with her about art and businesses.  I bet you will too.  (see more on videolog)  http://www.ougaku.com/ more info: info@kenjiphotography.com



Hiromi Yokomichi


blog0425-15 Real work place

blog0425-16 Little piglets and little calves.

blog0425-09 Ougaku Yaki    http://www.ougaku.com/

blog0425-10 Kozue and Hiromi


I don’t know what this was for, but I bet something to do with making funky patterns on clay or something…



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