Poster Size Print

I made another poster size print today.  A 30 x 40 black and white print with 36 small images in grid format.  Making poster size prints has become so easy nowadays ever since computer technology and its powerful image editing programs were introduced to us.  I remember when I used to print my own 40 x 60 prints in my Los Angeles apartment/studio almost 20 years ago (wet not dry), it was a whole day project to produce good 5 prints.  A master carpenter friend of mine had made me 4 large trays to develop my prints (thanks Pete!).  I think they were 4 feet by 6 feet big.  The three trays held chemicals (dev. stop and fixer) and the last one with water as holding tank.  I made my own vacuum easel (40 x 60) using an old thrift store purchased vacuum cleaner.  It was a lot of work but it certainly was fun doing all that.

I now click few keys on the keyboard and move things around on my computer and about an hour I have a beautiful print ready to upload to my printing service bureau.  Man, poster size print making (on your own) has come a long way ever since.  I will be making a 20 x 30 print with watercolor treatment tomorrow.





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