Monday June 8th 2009

I’m sad that I am not feeling good at the moment.  I’ve been on Ibuprofen, Valium, Vicodin and Weed almost for a week for my neck.  I was worried that I might get addicted to Vicodin, but now I am seriously hooked to my cervical collar more than anything.  I’ve been wearing it everyday and I fear that I might never be able to let it go.  Stayed away from  my work for a whole week and tried to be still by being in bed, but to be horizontal wasn’t easy task either.  Lack of sleep, I feel very irritated, and now I’m sad.  I’m going to pray to god, buddha and many other gods out there to give me my healthy neck back.

Last night I found out that there is an alternative way to get better besides an operation that my doctor had suggested:  Steroid Injection.  I will find out more about it soon.


Monday June 8th, 2009

Monday June 8th, 2009




One response to “Monday June 8th 2009

  1. i will never let you forget the pain.


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