23rd Anniversary

Some of you may know today is my 23rd anniversary, and I make photos of myself today and every June 13th.  My previous June 13th have always been good, but this year my neck is giving me a problem. It’s bad enough that I’ve been at home for last two weeks, but it’s not too bad to be hospitalized… I guess.  Could this be because today is Saturday 13th?  Because 23 years ago today, it was Friday and I got run over by a car in a parking lot (pictured).  My very good friend of mine Gigi took these photos below.  (Well, obviously the color photo was done by me/self-timer 23 years ago)


Gigi and I



The spot:  I was lying down on my left side and a car had stopped and sitting on top of me.  The hot steel something was running across my body, pressed against my chest down and around to my  lower back.   The weight of the car crushing me or the burn from the hot metal is hard to explain by words, besides I can’t remember how painful or how hot it was anymore.  I sometime wonder if it’s a good thing I forget that.  Is it?



I run into this photograph the other day.   This image was shot 23 years ago today, and it was Friday the 13th.  My buddies and I were at the East Beach approximately 30 minutes prior to my fateful event.




3 responses to “23rd Anniversary

  1. hey poor baby,
    maybe this will make you grin http://annaleekeefer.wordpress.com/


  2. Terrible, terrible day. But glad you are alive my friend. It hurts to think about that day, still shocking. I am so sorry.


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