Here are detailed info on Aperture (F-stop) and Shutter Speed.  Print them up, look at them, read them, glance at them, keep them by your side at all times, play games with them, take shower with them, workout with them, sleep with them and memorize them.   Send me your email address in the comment box below, and I will send you printable PDF files.

1A) F-stop (Aperture), and Shutter Speed

1B) F-stop (Aperture) and Shutter Speed worksheet

I will go over them at next meeting and every future meetings.  It will take  you some time to feel comfortable with them,  but these things need to become 2nd nature to you like your mom’s birthday.

Shutter Speed-Aperture2009


HELP:  Does anyone know how to attach PDF files and make that downloadable directly from this site? (The ones you see above are not PDF files.)


2 responses to “SBIPG MODULE 1

  1. Hi Kenji,
    I thought you might be able to add pdf’s to the photo album space on meetup but they only allow .jpegs.
    Can you upload your pdf’s to your own web site like and then email the links or point to the link from meetup?


  2. Hey ya Jeff,
    Thanks for the note. I got an email from a friend in down under (Australia) and she told me how to post PDF files on to this site. I’m about to update it. I’m gonna go ahead email you an attachment for your convenience :-)


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