French Festival 2009 / Meetup Meeting


A good friend of mine in Japan said, “You have French Festival in America?  You guys are funny”.  I forgot to tell her we even have a mini Eiffel Tower.  Today, my visit to French Festival was a conjunction with a meeting with SBIPG of Meetup (Santa Barbara International Photography Group), and I had a blast.



Meetup is groups of people with common interests get together – learning & social group around the globe.  Jeff, Sheri and Simone showed up!  More about Meetup and Santa Barbara International Photography Group, click here.



Simone’s spanking new camera!!



We briefly talked about what’s what for today’s meeting.  Shutter Speed, Aperture, Depth of Field, Composition, Your Correct Exposure, Camera’s Correct Exposure, Over Exposure, Under Exposure,  Shooting Angles and Hight, Close and Closer, Say Sorry and Get Out, Not Clothes Not Locations but The Lighting (but those help), Two Dimensional v.s. Three Dimensional, Informational Photos and Fine Art Photos and Your Photos, and whew, much more!  We walked around, selected few scenes, made test shots, determined exposures, moved to next and repeated this part of the work-flow and moved to next, and so on.



Jeff only had one glass of wine.



Showing Depth of Field: Yes worked :-)



Showing Depth of Field: No didn’t work :-(



A nice way to showing the crowd. (7)



I could easily give her nicer body line in the shop, but I’m not going to.  I don’t want to get turned on by her/him. (4)



I think this might be a good business to get into cuz people will always need porta-potty.



I fell in love with MONA LISA when I first saw her.  I think I was in 7th grade.  Many people around the world find her face attractive.  This is a very clever face-cut-out-photo-stand version.



Showing Point of Focus, Entry Point to the Photo and what Close-Closer, High and Low would do to the image. (2)




Escargot Ladies



A French Police Officer. (from LA)




I really enjoyed this “Hands-On” field trip type of meetings.  I think it worked well when I made myself available to people’s questions (on the spot) after they actually made photos.  Great thing about Digital Photography: giving you instant feed back pixel by pixel…(well, not pixel by pixel but it just sounded better  when I said it).   I think they enjoyed it too.  I still want to go over Shutter Speed and Aperture every time we meet, though.



Simone will start Multi-Midia study in SB High this coming year.  Is anyone out there have social events that want (not need) some photography?  She could do internship with you…possibly you get nice shots!  I might try going back out there tomorrow and make photographs of  Colors of France.   Any other members of SBIPG want to join me mañana?  About the same time?  (Well, anybody else for that matter.  Just ring me!)  Great thing about going back is that you might see something different, something more.  Sort of like location check, but it feels different to me.



The spider went home for the night, but I thought spider webs were their homes?




2 responses to “French Festival 2009 / Meetup Meeting

  1. Hey. Thanks for the compliments. The SBIPG sounds interesting…looks like you had a good time at the French Festival.


    • Thanks Payton. The answer to your previous question is a flash on camera with gary fong’s dome with manual output setting of 1/32 or 1/64 of power, and a gold reflector on her lower right (lower left on the pic).


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