Speed Graphics = Dang it, I’m inspired!

I thought to myself, “now, this is real photography here” when I saw a friend mine’s photographs from a spur of the moment trip to Yosemite last weekend.  His photographs were made with a speed graphic camera which is 4 inch by 5 inch format film camera (often seen in movies as press cameras), and the results were “OMG, there’s no way I can get this with my digital cameras!!”, I had to scream at him.  I’m talking great shadow details…well, details, period.  Ammmmazing details.  The last time he used this camera was over 7 years ago, but once a great piece of equipment is always a great piece of equipment (except the world of computers…).  He has ordered a 20 x 30 black and white print, and I can’t wait to see it.  I miss my wet darkroom (I used to live in there).  It’s funny that just the other day another friend of mine called me up after she visited a photography exhibit at SB Museum of Art saying, “Let’s go out with my 4×5 camera and make some photographs!!  I’m so inspired”.  She has this 4×5 camera in her closet somewhere and hasn’t used it for over 20 years!!   Okay, Gigi let’s!


This is my little digital camera copied version of his original print; shot on a picnic table at a parking lot.   Mind you, not a proper way of making Flat Art copy, but can’t you tell the greatness of this “original” shot??   No?



An Occupational Hazard: Rene risked his life to get these shots in spite of the Bear Warning.



One response to “Speed Graphics = Dang it, I’m inspired!

  1. ha ha ha ha I’d risk it again, I am by no means a dare devil, but you have to know where and when…
    Cheers dear Kenjy.
    Your friend,
    René Correa


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