Secret of Sorority

A portrait session from yesterday for a USC student and her Sorority Application pix.  She and I both agreed that the process of finalizing her dream Sorority is “brutal”.  Someone easily could write a movie script about it. Beautiful location and beautiful end-of-the-day lighting for a beautiful girl.  (Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel, Santa Barbara)

Production# 461400071909 (1:06)

. . .

My fav

. . .

Another fav

. . .

Good Application Shot

. . .


2 responses to “Secret of Sorority

  1. globalinternational

    beautiful girl, awesome photos , keep it up .


    • hey, thank you for your comment :) could you kindly tell me if the video (slideshow) appear normal on your computer? doesn’t it look bit skinnier than should? this is 1st time i used this particular software to make this slideshow, and when i outputted to save it, it came out unproportional (i think…). it didn’t look like that during the making of it, though. thanks in advance.


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