Daidokoro Doko 001 (kenji)

Seafood Crab Cakes on Belgian Endives with Peach Salsa

Seafood Crab on Belgian Endives with Peach Salsa (some Apricots)

. . .

Where is the kitchen? Well, I guess I’ll first check out my own then.  I saw this cooking demo one day at a local grocery store (TJ) and I thought I’d give a try.  If I can do it, so all dudes out there can.  My style has always been trial and error and no rules nor recipes to speak of, but I guess that would be very confusing if you are to share something like this with others.  So, I am going to pay attention to what I do (and take few pictures!!) and see what comes out.

IMG_7373-2blogSeafood Crab on Belgian Endives with Spicy, Smoky Peach Salsa.  Wow, I’m already impressed with the sound of it.  I’m feeling some dried apricots so why don’t I mix that with Seafood Crab as well.  Yep, that’s my style.  Whatever in my fridge kinda thing.  I diced apricots and cooked with frozen crab cakes in a nonstick skilled on medium low heat.  I didn’t mix  crab cakes and apricots while I was cooking iIMG_7380-2blogn the pan just yet cuz I wanted to make some with and some without apricots version.  Cooking things in medium low heat is the key, I think.  (Many things in life are often better that way, nice and slow just like you know what) Besides you can do other things while it’s cooking like  pealing Belgian Endive leaves or take some pictures.  (I often like washing dishes to keep the kitchen neat – I learned this when  I used to cook in a TINY kitchen in Japan)  It calledIMG_7381-2blog for 1 tablespoon butter to cook in, but I didn’t use it because this sort of thing gets too gooey with butter (some people love butter, so go for it).  Instead of cooking 5 minutes, I cooked it about 15 min to get nice brown all around crab cakes and apricots.  Use a single Belgian Endive leaf as a tray, stuff it with cooked and mashed crab IMG_7387-2blogcakes and add some spicy, smoky peach salsa on top which totally gives fresh gooey-ness instead of butter goo.  It’s a nice appetizers and easy to cook.  (okay, you are right. not much cooking was involved here, but hey anything more than a cup-o-noodle is cooking to me, so there.)   Well,  it made all my roommates happy, so I was happy.

. . .

Seafood Crab on Belgian Endives with Peach Salsa (some Apricots)

Seafood Crab on Belgian Endives with Peach Salsa (some Apricots)

A box of frozen Seafood Crab Cakes

A bog of Red & White Belgian Endives

A jar of Spicy, Smoky, Peach Salsa

A bag of Dried Apricots

daidokoro doko? = Where is the kitchen?

Is anyone out there would like to share your recipe, let me now.  I will come out to your kitchen and make some photos of what you make.  Yeah, let’s let the world know what you are made of…or rather what you cook.

. . .


2 responses to “Daidokoro Doko 001 (kenji)

  1. paramountplaces

    hhmmm it is yummy , i love sea food .


  2. hey thanks! that really made me want to learn how cook properly too :-)


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