Emma’s trip to Tattoo Shop

Emma is visiting Santa Barbara from Idaho.  Emma decides to get Tattoo.  Her husband is a Marlin.  I mean, her husband’s name is Marlin.  She loves him very much.  I told her to get “Chuck Knows” as in Chuck Norris, but she is going with a Marlin.  A very wise choice.

Photo by Oliva

Photo by Olivia

A Guardian Angel

Tattoo Artist: Jason

Golden Eagle Tattoo:  407 State Street Santa Barbara, CA 805-897-3815

Need Tylenol, Emma?

. . .


2 responses to “Emma’s trip to Tattoo Shop

  1. omg she is such a brave woman.


  2. and don’t tell marlin – it’s going to be a big, big, big surprise everybody!


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