Oh baby, baby, baby, poor baby :-(

Someone once told me “there’s nothing more terrible than snow falling into a  broken church”, but if I had any say to that I’d revise it to “there’s nothing more terrible than a sick and unhappy baby”.  Very good friend of mine Kate was back in town from Providence, RI with her new baby of 8 months to meet everybody here in SB and LA area and I counted my days down to meet the baby, and today baby Cormac woke up with a pretty nasty Acute Viral Rhinopharyngitis…okay, I can’t even say it but that’s common cold – I wikipidea-ed it.   This was the first time he had been sick so naturally mom and dad kept him home.  Although I didn’t get to meet the baby, I had a quality time with Kate and OMG, we had so much catching up to do.  It was super nice seeing her.  Every time I see her my positive energy get recharged.  It is so wonderful to have a friend like that who tell you she’d always be there for you.  I am so lucky.  Thank you Kate.

This is 2-months old happy healthy Cormac.  Photo by Mama.

. . .

This is 3-Day old Cormac with his mama.  Photo by Daddy.

. . .


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