A Special Care Package

Two days in a raw I had photo sessions canceled on me.  Yesterday was a sick baby and today was a sick teenager.  Okay, no sweat.  I’ll just do something productive like clean my studio or maybe take a nap.  Just I sat down to have a cupa green tea, a postal service man delivered a special package from a friend of mine Etsuko in Japan whom I’ve known for 6 years through a photographer friend of mine.  Although we’ve never met, we kept in touch through our art.  She is a well established Pottery Artist in Japan “Tsukiokagama/月丘窯”, and she has beautiful collections of work.  Just recently when she found out that I was bit under the weather, she wanted to cheer me up by sending her recent works.  I was ecstatic to receive this package.  I feel your creative energy from them.  Thank you, Etsuko!!

Gift Opening (01:35)

. . .

Since I didn’t have anything else to shoot today, why don’t I photograph her beautiful creations!!


. . .


. . .

Angel Wings

. . .


Potter: Etsuko Kawano

. . .


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