Power Monday

Usually my Mondays are like, “oh, monday, monday, monday”, but today I started out with very positive meetings with two totally different types of artist.  I met Micah at a coffee house near my studio.  He is a personal chef who is very interested in photography and we might work on projects together in a future.  He shared his philosophy on cooking, and nutritional application to support health and happiness.  I love the way he described his cooking style: “recipe is like a song”.  I understand that.  In a way photography is like that too…well, I guess any forms of art is like that.  I just wish I had said that first.  It sounded so freaking cool and poetic.  Yes, I like poetry.  More on his services:  the Educated Vegetable and check out his blog, it will make you want to eat and play well.

Without missing a beat, I headed back to my studio to meet Joanna.  She plans to apply for an internship with Associated Press in NYC.  She is an artist who has been studying sculpture, photography and performing arts.  She wanted me to go over her portfolio and fine turning its content.  Should it be diverse enough so that it will appeal to wide range of academia-minded AP review board, or should she be just who she is and tell it like it is?  More brain-storming is needed so we will meet on Thursday again.  I envy her energy.  I just can’t get over the fact that first time I photographed her 6 or 7 years ago she was a little bitty thing and now she has grown into a 19-year-old mature woman who is so aware of her desire to create but not quite sure how to let it all out…it’s almost painful to watch her.

I was so charged with creative energy this morning from these meetings and felt so accomplished before noon.  I think we all are here to create something but only some of us are lucky enough to be aware of that, and even fewer to actually pursue it.  I was already having a groovy Monday and to tap that, what did I get?  Another care package from Japan!!   Okay, it wasn’t exactly a care package but it was sort of “thank you package” from my friend, Kazuko.  She had seen my previous blog entry and liked few of the images so much that she wanted to use them for her business promotional materials.  She owns a beauty salon/spa “Artist Shi-Na” in Fukushima, Japan.  She made some promo cards and I knew she was going to send me few copies but didn’t know it was this sort of happy package.  Yes, I was gooey happy.  Thank you, Kazuko!!  もう,まったく、うれしくなっちゃうじゃないのよさ! ありがとね。

Gift Opening 2 (01:30)

. . .

Shi-Na’s Promo Card

. . .


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