El Desfile Histõrico (Fiesta Parade)

The 85th Fiesta celebration has ended today after 5 days of Viva-La-ing day and night.  One of the popular event of all Fiesta is  the Parade (official name is “El Desfile Histõrico”).  I’ve been to it few times over the years so I didn’t plan to go this year until I heard the news of a U.S. Nave C-130 would kick off the parade by flying over from Stearns Wharf  (South) up the State Street (North).  This little flyover event was the first time in 85 years and  was definitely enticing enough for me to deal with traffic and thousands of parade spectators and get a killer shot.  OMG, the flight was scheduled at 11:55am and the plane appeared right on time!!   (My first shot was on 11:56am)  Very impressive, to say the least.  I knew I got the shot I wanted and I also knew there would be no other shots like mine because there were no other photographers in sight from the spot where I was shooting.  I stayed there for 30 additional minutes just in case something else happened or maybe just wanted to get some standard  parade pictures, but I left after I was told by a Fiesta official that the first wave of parade would not  be up where I was until 1:30pm-ish.  While I was waiting there, 4 different people came up to me with cameras in their hand and asked  me “so an airplane is gonna fly by, right?”, and I had to tell them the bad news.  They were all locals and  they told me that they came out because of that airplane gig.  – A lesson to be learned from someone else’s boo-boo.  “Get to the location well before the event scheduled time”.  Yep.  Gracias Lizeth!!

. . .


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