Dude Man Bro

. . .

Portrait Session with David this afternoon.  He is a stud dude man bro.


. . .

Occasionally I get phone calls for passport pictures.  I always tell them, “Kinko/FedEx will do you for $15.00” and some of them are happy to go there and get it done.  But sometimes I get “yeah, but their pictures are horrible.  I wanna a better picture for my passport”.  True.  They are horrible.  Then I tell them, “I charge 3 times more than they do but I will also give you 3 times better pictures than what they give you”.  John needed to get his passport pix done this afternoon and he will be happy for next 10 years.




. . .



2 responses to “Dude Man Bro

  1. is this for eharmony.com, match.com or something like that? he is cute and should get some dates.
    you always do such a good job mista k.


  2. yes, it is. but it’s not online service. they actually meet their clients in person and screen them VERY well.


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