Seems Like Old Times

I got a phone call this afternoon requesting stock images of Santa Barbara; mainly, Beach, Downtown, Mountains, Ocean, Sunrise … etc.  I spent few hours searching for them in my external hard drives (7 of them) and I came up with 53 of them so far.  I realized I wasn’t good at cataloging these scenery images.  It’s just that I don’t get this kind of request that often, but I know that’s a lame excuse.  (Note to myself: I got to pay more attention to those images as much as people images, and start organizing them well)  I spoke with the client again, and I have time until Monday, so I will get my you know what in gear and do additional search on my DVD library.  While I was searching those images I stumbled upon an image folder with photos of a special trip I made back in 2003.  I went on this trip with Ensign Ro (aka: Jessica), and I lost touch with her ever since.  Little bit of digging around and I found her contact info.  Without missing a beat I phoned her.  A slightly skeptical voice answered, “hello?”.  It seemed like old time.  She was a graduate student at UCSB then and now she is a professor at a college in MA.  A proud home owner, a mom to a sweet black cat Maya and loving her life with good sense of community and friends over there.  We talked a lot about our (people in general) need to commit to ourselves in order to move forward.  We both agreed that we all have had hard times in our lives and those felt like walking through a wall of fire but once you committed to yourself and walked through them, then you realized anything was possible after that.  Wall of Fire?  She is a poet.  Just listening to her talk gave me such warm positive feeling like the Superman needs the Sun.  Thanks Ensign Ro.

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  1. hmm nice collection.


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