This edition of SBIPG meeting was at Pre-Santa Barbara Triathlon 2009.  It was basically an orientation day for all the athletes for Saturday and Sunday: the big day.  (If you were shooting an event, you always would want to know what’s going on so we started from there)  It was just Jonathan and I, so I basically shared my workflow on event photography with him; however, Jonathan was a dude with million plus questions and was eager to pick my brain, and it got picked all up and down, inside and out. (TOPIC: Basic Event Photography Workflow/ What do you do when you get to the site/ Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO / Film vs Digital Photography/ Photojournalism vs Snap Shots/ Basic Camera Operation 101/ Lens vs Camera/ Image Capture Dynamic Range/ Blur vs Camera Shake/ Is it me or the camera/ How to approach to strangers and take some pix/ How to do things that you are not supposed to do, and you won’t be in trouble/ Where to shoot from/ Taking pictures vs crating pictures/ Manual, Auto, Program and Priority Settings/ Main subject as secondary element/ Usage of dead spaces/ When to shoot and when to stop/ and more)

Jonathan at work

. . .

We were going to do happy hour thing at local bar when we left the Triathlon Meeting site, but  we were like “OMG! Look at the sky!”  I could tell it was going to be a spectacular sunset.  We quickly changed our plan, got the food to go and searched for the spot.  SB Pier came to our mind especially we were nearby already.  The clock was ticking, we did power walk to the end of the Pier, set up our cameras and started shooting until the cold and the hunger got hold of us.  Our food afterwords tasted even better knowing we got the shots. (TOPIC: Basic Night Photography (Sunset) 101/ You need a tripod but you don’t have it with you/ Is ISO setting for aperture or shutter speed / Correct Exposure vs Saturation / Usage of a lens shade, and you don’t have a lens shade with you/ Shooting it right vs Post Productions/ Placement of the Key Elements in your shots/ Key Elements vs Minor Elements in your shots/ What to buy first; lens or flash/ Image Editing Process)


. . .


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