The idea behind this SBIPG meeting at the event “Santa Barbara Triathlon 2009: Long Course” was to follow an event as an event photographer.  Photojournalism? or Event photography?  What’s the difference?  I thought it would be a cold morning but was a warm morning.  The race was supposed to start at 7:00am but Jonathan and I got the to the event site before 6:00AM, and we were sort of hanging out and feeling it.  Jonathan was prepared with a new batch of questions and started firing away.  I knew then it was going to be a satisfying day,  (as far as Q&A session goes).  We talked about what we talked about yesterday, and much more.  You got be there to believe it.

Something very sexy about this head piece.

Ten seconds to go.

Off they went.

… and next.

Traffic Controlling Volunteers.  Thanks guys!!

At the end of 1 mile swim.  ONE MILE SWIM?!  I don’t even know how they could possibly ran up the hilly beach after that, let alone onto another race.  I wanted to cry.

This is definitely my kinda beach scene.

Onto hardcore bike racing after swim as it started to rain very softly.

At the end of 34 miles on bike.

Avon ladies

At the end of 10 mile long run.

At the finished line.  He pushed himself to the max.

Continued raining during the race.  It wasn’t hard rain enough to stop taking pictures, but annoyingly wet enough to cover my camera constantly.

If I ever have my own son, I am going to make him wear this T-shirt everyday and I will wear “MY SON IS THE MAN!” everyday.

. . .


. . .


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