Power Thursday

There is no way of knowing how your day is going to turn out, is there?  Today, I started out just like any other mid-week dull Thursday, but that changed dramatically into a powerful & positive chat session day when my client came by to pick up her final product.  I didn’t think neither of us plan to do what we did, especially when she was going to just pick the item up and go, and I wanted to catch the last mail pickup at the post office.  We talked up a storm like 2 hours non-stop with no particular directions, just one topic led to another and more. Our fear, commitment, pain, broken heart, realization and denial, in denial of being in denial, despair and hope, our need to nurture others and ourselves, time to be strong and time to be vulnerable and of course, love.  We were going through similar life events and needed to talk and be heard, so it seems.  I was very surprised how much we were able to share and knew and felt what both of us were going through.  Wow.  Thank you, Jen.  I’m feeling good and it’s not even Friday yet.

Power chat exchange session with Jen

. . .


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