TGIAF (Artsy Friday)

Pompadour?  What the hell is that?  I was reading an article in a paper this morning and this word caught my eyes.  Few minutes on an almighty search engine, now I know it’s a hairstyle and it’s from Madame de Pompadour (Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, duchesse de Pompadour, 1721-1764).  Oh, I see.  Who this lady was totally different a can of warms, but reading about this lady amazed me once again how all of those little thing about this individual recorded so well and precisely.  I just started to wonder if the chronicle of my life would be available on Internet 200 years from now?

Madame de Pompadour

But all that was just a sidetracked wonder while I was having a cup of my morning green tea, and what I was really wondering was that when this artist (featured artist of the article) did what he did, did he know… was he really aware of what he was doing as it was described by an art critic? He must have, right?  He knew he was going for the Pompadour, or was aware of style of peep-toe pumps, or basic composition of Renaissance, a hint of the Bible, Greek mythology and all that, right??  I was thinking, “wow, how am I gonna explain my photos to people?  I don’t think… I mean I know that I don’t know all that crap.”  I know that’s why I feel funny when people call me “artist” cuz I don’t think I have enough information to back it up.  Sigh…  I know what I like and what looks good when I photograph but do I know why?  Do I need to take art classes or something?  Art history, maybe?   Sigh x2.  Okay, who wants to go to a Museum (SBMA and others) with me?  Sundays are free admission!

“Apple of Discord”(1949) by Thomas Hart Benton

. . .


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