New Video Guy in Town (Soon!)

I met this young and super creative Videographer (David) last night and he showered me with such positive energy and was so enthusiastic about his work, I couldn’t help myself nodding on everything he said.  He was originally born and raised here in Santa Barbara but due to his mother’s job situation, he has lived for this past two years in Honolulu, Hawaii and worked as a Wedding Videographer.  He showed me his demo tape and most of his clients have been wedding couples from Japan (destination wedding!!) and what spectacular  backdrops all those Hawaiian Islands offer!!  Beeeeautiful!  Dang it, I want to move there and do some work, but now he wants to move back to California and start his own thing.  I think his clean and contemporary style of work would do very well in today’s market.  We might have to put a package or two together for next year!

(Contact info: David Richardson / / 808-542-5648)

. . .


2 responses to “New Video Guy in Town (Soon!)

  1. does he like (and i did not say drink) tequila?


  2. i dunno… but i remember they were talking about it a lot last night, weren’t they?


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