SBIPG – Full Moon/Night Photography

Last month we were down by the water but we approached from high up for this edition of SBIPG meeting for Full Moon/Night Photography.  We met at Shoreline Park, just above the Ledbetter Beach.  We got there early enough to make few images during the magic hour, and waited for the moonrise. We took lots of pix, talked about many things like foreground & background elements, entry point of photos, usage of negative spaces, exposure and flash output controls, framing the shots, shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

Jonathan, Angela and Carole: Ready to Rock-N-Roll

Foreground and Background Control

Santa Barbara Sunset

Manual Flash Fill, Manual Exposure with Full Moon

Auto Flash, Auto Exposure with Full Moon

The Moon was too high up for what we wanted to do, so we finished our session and went to grab a bite at a nearby restaurant.  There we reviewed our photos, talked about what we did and we even got some authentic Mexican food with buena cerveza.

. . .


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