Looking for another day job

My friend Stephanie sent me this email today.  It seems everyone is affected one way or another.  I wish I could do more for her.  She is one of the most hard-working, punctual, responsible and honest person I know.  Anyone out there with more resources, please let her know.

Contact: Stephanie Sivers <siversings@yahoo.com> 805-452-2901

Dear Friends:
I am writing to let you all know that I am actively seeking another day job. My boss will most likely cut my hours down to part time next month, with the possibility that he will be completely letting me go.

Many of you know that I have 8 years experience working in a law office and 7 years as a legal assistant and office manager for a sole practitioner personal injury attorney.

If you know of any attorneys looking for a legal assistant, or other office help, please let me know or pass my name and number along to them. I am open to working in other areas of law ie family law, med mal etc. However, I understand the ins and outs of personal injury, so it would be a less stressful fit at this juncture.  I’m also open to commuting to Carp or Ventura if need be. I’m also open to working part time.

Thank you all so much for your support! I appreciate any help you can lend at this time.

Hoping you all are well.

Stephanie Sivers

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