Headshot (Business Publicity)

Today’s headshot session for yet another new company website was interesting to me in a sort of “wow” way.  Heather was just a teenager when I first photographed her 7 years ago (Xmas family portrait), and now she has finished a University back east somewhere and got her first real job.  Wow.  Time flies.  It just happens to be that particular family portrait was one of my favorite and a framed photo was on my wall, and she said ‘wow’ when she came in.  She hasn’t grown (vertical) much since, but her little brother was like 4 feet tall back then and now he is 6′ 3″ and solid, she said.  I “wow” again.  Time indeed flies.  Good luck to her new adventure!  Richard was a photographer’s business partner in Chicago back in 50’s & 60″s when photography began going crazy and exploded into the world.  Him and his partner worked for Vogue Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, Playboy Magazine to name a few.  He said he had a lot of fun, but he got out of business because he’s gotten old and had better things to do.  I was like, “wow, really?”.  He has been married for 48 years to once a big time fashion model he had met back then.  Wow.

. . .

Heather’s family portrait on my wall

. . .


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