Kenji Photographing Profile

A friend of mine sent me these images this evening.  She was at a party I was photographing last weekend, and what do you know I was photographed as well.  I love collecting images of myself taking pictures cuz how often do you get to see yourself doing something and you don’t even know you are being photographed unless of course you are a star of one of those so-called “Reality Sow” (but then again, they are very much scripted, censored and edited to look either really beautiful or absolutely ridiculous).  Thanks Sandra!

Photo by Sandra Hilton

Photo by Sandra Hilton

Original images were extremely underexposed (about 5 stops under except the highlight where my arms were just below the Softbox Lighting which was placed directly behind me), but managed to salvage them through Photoshop. I like how they came out sort of drawing-like due to highly noticeable shadow noise.  My arms are like Popeye on steroid, and what you see beyond me is a palm tree.  Photos by Sandra Hilton


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