Poopy Thursday

A run-in with a split personality individual in the morning, A color lab uploading problem due to glitch in their system, A problem with online gallery site due to their server issue, Trimmed one of four enlargements wrong, Couldn’t get hold of someone at the local bank cuz their phone line is not functioning properly today, Went over to the bank to talk to that individual and all they could tell me was “not here at the moment” and wouldn’t tell me anything more AND to top all this, on my way driving back from the bank I almost hit someone at a crosswalk due to a very interesting blind spot from my driver’s side’s door frame.  Today has been too hot to be cool about a lot of things….

Still, I should be feeling happy and grateful and thankful and loving my life and all that, right?  Okay, okay I’m trying….

. . .


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