SBIPG – A walk on the SB Harbor Side

Mark and I took a nice walk on the SB Harbor for one of last week’s SBIPG meeting.  We initially had trouble finding a parking spot nearby due to SB’s infamous West Beach Music Festival but we found a spot about six blocks away after driving around 10 or so minute.  Once we were near water, we found something you may not normally think of taking pictures: a porta-potty.  How would you approach to things like that?  We discussed shooting angles of high and low, close v.s. far.   (We soon realized it was not a porta-potty but was an outside shed for some kind)  Next to the shad we found something else to photograph: a parked small boat.  Here we talked about perspective control, usage of dead space (empty space), entry as well as exit point of the image.  As the sun was running away from us and we saw funky looking cloud over the mountain.  It was nice walk on the quiet and quaint little back end of SB Harbor.

Mark At Work

. . .


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