Halloween Party 2009

It took me 11 hours of sleep (including 2 hours of nap) today to recover from Fishbon Halloween Party last night, here’s a sneak preview of what went down.  More images to come in next day or two.

FBHPP016LR copy


The Bridezella Photo Studio

Dr. Frankenstien and Frankenstina

FBHPP053LR copy

FBHPP063LR copy

FBHPP073LR copy

Jesus had to wait in line behind Santa Claus at the bar

FBHPP080LR copy

Police officers were harassing us for real

FBHP0237LR copy

Me as a Bridezilla with Janis Joplin

FBHP0231LR copy

If I only get to see one concert (dead or alive), what would that be?  Without hesitation, that would be Janis.

FBHP0063LR copy

That “live long and prosper” Vulcan guy

FBHP0055LR copy

Hippie Dude


White trash

FBHP1135LR copy

One of the Seven Dwarfs happy

FBHP1116LR copy


FBHP1109LR copy

Karrina helped me put the Bridezella Photo Studio together.  It turned out super cool.  Thanks Karrina!!

FBHP0941LR copy

El Dia de los Muertos.  Just beautifully done

FBHP0871LR copy

Jesus was in my studio

FBHP0814LR copy

If I could wear my hair like that and come to work everyday, I would.  I think it’s really a cool hairdo.

FBHP0806LR copy

I found out later that this guy was not in outfit.  He was a real fire fighter to check on our fire thingy.

FBHP0667LR copy

Real Charlie Chaplin was never this cute – her mustache kept falling off

FBHP0654LR copy

Real Yetti was never this cute

FBHP0578LR copy

This dude was being attacked by rats.  Big rats.

FBHP0479LR copy

I wanted him to sting me but it sounded kinda funny, so I didn’t say it.

FBHP0441LR copy

She was a real hippie then

FBHP0378LR copy

She is a hippie wannabe.

FBHP0355LR copy

Bloody woman.  One of my favorite.

FBHP0343LR copy

I was supposed to be a Bridezella, but is my head unproportionally big to my body in this shot?  or is it just me?  I think the dress was maybe too small.  I don’t know how they walk around in that thing…

FBHP0198LR copy

He told me he was some kind of a Bear but I can’t remember now…

FBHP0075LR copy

Partying cheer leader

. . .


2 responses to “Halloween Party 2009

  1. Great PARTY!!
    That champagne drinkin Cheerleader is FRICKIN HOT!


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