I was lost, but now I’m found

Last night I was mildly freaking out when I misplaced my data catalog of Adobe Lightroom 2.1 (Image Editing Software).  Ok, I was really freaking out but I tried calming myself down by repeating positive affirmations (I’m okay, It’s gonna be okay, It’ll turn out okay.. sorta things), thus “mildly freaking out”.  After making few phone calls I found out that I should talk to Chris Orwig: The Lightroom Master, who resides here in Santa Barbara, and is a photographer himself and also an instructor at famed Brooks Institute of Photography.  I got to this office at Brooks by 8:00am this morning to catch him and hoped he’d find a way for me.  He got there shortly after 9:00am and he not only proficient in Lightroom that he solved my problem right away, but also a super cool dude that he shared his Halloween left over with me, and also gave me a how-to book on Lightroom (he wrote it!!)  Listening to him and knowing all that was straight from horse’s mouth made this whole experience definitely worth for an hour wait.  Thank you Chris!!


Chris Orwig Photography   http://www.chrisorwig.com/



Also killer tips on Lightroom

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