Movies, Slideshows and Oh My!

A lazy Sunday afternoon turned into a productive movie making day.  Made two movie clips of “making of”, and three slideshows from recent shoots.  I feel good.  I’m grateful.  I feel better.  I don’t go to church nor temple of anything like that, so I want to thank my mom and dad, pete, gigi, jackie, jonathan, kim, gary, angela, shannon, kelly, jennifer, elise, nadia, daisy, ruby, brianna, eva, dawn, savanah, rene, jon, heather, corrina, dr. lawton and my grandparents and great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents…okay all my ancestors beyond my knowledge for my having a good day today.  Yes, I am having a good  groovy productive happy stable Sunday.  Thank you!!!!!!!  Now, kickback, get your popcorn and show time!

Creatures of Autumn (02:33)

Kreutzkampf (03:13)

End of Endless Summer (02:15)

Pumpkins & Babies (01:59)

nadia (01:19)

. . .


One response to “Movies, Slideshows and Oh My!

  1. “Pumpkins & Babies” is lovely. Her song fits the nice photos. Very beautiful. I love it!


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