America’s Top Chef (soon to be)

I got an email attachment from my friend Olivia saying, “thought you might want to see me all suited up”.  She is a freshman at Johnson & Wales University in Colorado and getting ready for an audition for America’s Top Chef…(JK).  You are looking super fantalicous, Missy.

. . .

Few weeks before she left for college, she baked me some kind of sponge cake (?) with coconut and raspberry (which I often don’t know what kind of cake but they are always yummy-ness to the max).  She will return for Thanksgiving next week and I can’t wait to see what can create now.

. . .


4 responses to “America’s Top Chef (soon to be)

  1. oh kenji you are too sweet!


  2. haha. will you make me a cd of those pictures? i cant wait to see you when i get home!


  3. i love mish and mista!


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