A message on the wheel

This guy came in my studio this afternoon and said, “I have a package for you” as he was rolling into my place on his roller blade, and handed me a white envelope.  A check for next weekend’s job.  Nice.  That’s TGIF is all about.  (Thank you!!)  I told him that I had messenger guys on the bike before but never on roller blades.   I also said, “dude, do you know what your T-shirt say?”   “Oh, you can read this?  What does it say?”, he said.   “Dirty”, I replied.   He was like “oh.., I just got this today”.   There was also a picture of a Japanese super hero “Ultraman” next to the word.  I don’t know why my childhood super hero “Ultraman” got anything to do with a word “dirty’ but I can’t really be upset about that because I too have a shirt with an obscure message in English (made and purchased in Japan) which I often get commented on.   Yep, beauty of foreign languages.  (Thank for the delivery, Benjamin!)

. . .


4 responses to “A message on the wheel

  1. Poor Ultraman… but this kind of product is always funny:D


  2. About my rollerblading assistant Ben… yea, we do things differently at CAC. We pay in advance, make sure you’ve got parking and deliver your check in person on rollerblades. Welcome to CAC.


  3. Thanks Ben! My partner forwarded me this story!

    These shirts available at, zenpunk.net
    in different styles and colors… Just wanted to mention that. I make about 5 cents off any shirt, btw, bc of minimal pricing…


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