R.I.P in Ariake

I had an opportunity to hang out with Akemi’s (my sister-in-law) stepmother 6 months ago, and that was the first time and the last time.  Sadly, cancer took her away.  She had wonderful smile and offered me her homemade “yubeshi”.

Tea field – Akemi’s father – His tea factory – Tea harvesting machines – The family – Akemi’s Mom’s Tombstone behind their house – Rice field behind their house – His truckter – Akemi –  Her Stepmother – Akemi and her stepmother (02:03)

. . .

One of my very favorite Japanese pastry “YUBESHI“.  It’s made from MOCHI GOME.  These ones here (pictured) are bit different from what I used to have, since these are made by Akemi’s stepmother; they are wrapped in seaweed.  The ones my mother make have no seaweed around them.  They are both super good.  Mmm, Yummy.

. . .


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