A Town Hall Meeting

Images from last night’s town hall meeting on Homelessness and Mental Illness in Southern California held by Consumer Advocacy Coalition (CAC) and Casa Esperanza Homeless Center.

Mayor-elect Helene Schneider opened with her first public remarks on this issue since winning the election.

CAC Executive Director Roger Thompson

Panelist: Co-Founder of NAMI Front Line Patrice Maniaci

Panelist: Director of CAC Kern County Shannon Jonson

Panelist: 2nd District Supervisor Janet Wolf

Panelist: Executive Director of Casa Esperanza Mike Foley

Panelist: CAC Executive Director Roger Thompson

Panelist: NAMI Consumer of the Year Paul Cummings

Geoff Green (Fund for SB) moderated the meeting

Closing remarks by Paul Cummings

. . .


2 responses to “A Town Hall Meeting

  1. I thought the panelists were only adequately knowedgeable about the topic. They offered no solutions to the problem. And, although the event was billed as a “Town Hall,” the audience was given very little time for input or questions. Hopefully they will have portable mics to pass around the audience the next time. That’s what a Town Hall is all about. All in all: disappointed. Was hoping for solutions.


    • Thank you for an honest feedback for the event. I remember three things I was feeling during and after the meeting. (1) How amazed I was to actually see all those people showed up for this meeting, (2) How embarrassed I felt when I realized I didn’t anything about this issue, (3) How inspired I was after talking to few people and they people really wanted to do something about it. I had spoken with three different people about this issue and most of them were, same as you, angry and disappointed with the panelists and the organization. I wish I had known more about it or could offer some sort of answers or something, but I was unable :-(


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