Wedding at La Cumbre Country Club

Wedding Celebration at La Cumbre Country Club.  It was last November 15th and the ceremony started at 4:30PM so it was not quite “golden hours” as we talked about, but still it was very nice lighting all around.  Hair styling was done at Darin Jon Studio.

Megan & Jeffery Wedding Celebration (03:33)

. . .


. . .

… and here’s the Wall of Fame session right next to the reception area.  “Wall of Fame” is a photography service sort of like deluxe version of prom photography that let you be whatever do whatever anything goes, and is always a big hit at any events. Just explore your alter ego, and be formal, semi-formal, informal, funky, spunky, cool, goofy, sexy, cute, pretty, DMV-ish, wild, crazy, single, group, brothers, sisters, family and more!  It’s definitely a fun time for everybody!

Megan & Jeffery Wall of Fame (01:27)

. . .


. . .

Images from the Wall of Fame session are often used to produce 20×30 (sometimes 30×40) poster prints.  Here are few samples of finished products from different events.




. . .


2 responses to “Wedding at La Cumbre Country Club

  1. Wow…
    I want a wall of fame for my wedding ! It’s more than sure! It’s so great, you have a good memorie.. Aww.. it’s beautiful and it’s a place where everybody can ”go crazy”. You don’t have to be afraid of looking like a complete idiot. Everyone does ! :D


    • Thank you Carol-Ann for happy positive words! We shall definitely get to it and have lots of fun cuz I make it super fun, I’m telling you! Your guests will have so much fun, they’d want me back for their x’mas holiday party and such :) Happy Solstice!!!


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