Wishing Tree

My friend Carla has often great ways to share her love.  She set up a “wishing Tree” in front of her frame shop Minckler’s Frame Shop on Carrillo Street, and the wish lines have been filling up.  She said, “When people have a wish, that means they are hopeful.  I want people to be hopeful.”  I was like “damn, woman.  I love that”.  I know how important it is to have hope and purpose in life.  I also know how terrible and horrifying it is to be consumed by hopelessness.  (And I learned today what a great thing “honesty” is all about.  It’s an exciting thing indeed! It was a super cool day, Lynn.)  And to tap that, I left my wish on the wishing tree, too :-)

The Milagro Sign on the Window

The Milagro Sign and Make a Wish box (papers & pencils)

Minckler's Frame Shop - 315 E. Carrillo Street - 805-965-3242‎

Carla at work: Love you too Carla!!

. . .

Minckler’s Frame Shop 315 E. Carrillo Street  805-965-3242 – If you want personal attention to your art work and create perfect frame for it, then talk to Carla about.  She does frames, and she does it gooood.

. . .

This is her “Ornament Recycle Tree” next to the Wishing Tree.  If you like what you see on this tree, you can take one and leave one of yours for others to enjoy.  Yep, everybody is happy.

. . .


4 responses to “Wishing Tree

  1. Creative, refreshingly original..the essence of Santa Barbara


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  4. May your tree of wishes tower into the sky for all to see.

    Love Ya,


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