Holiday 2009

I had super good times over this holiday weekend.  I don’t think I thought about my work not even once during this 4-day-holiday weekend.  I enjoyed my Thanksgiving day and my Christmas for the 1st time in a loooooong time, and I was happy.  It was almost scary that I was so happy.  I was happy for people I was with and I was happy for myself.  It was a good feeling.  It’s amazing to believe that I almost forgot what it is like to have good days.  I thank you everyone I had spent time with, spoken with and played with during this holiday weekend.  I am part of your world and you as mine.  Thank you for sharing your positive energy and your love.  I love you all.  Go Chargers!!!

. . .

My little friend Baily (13) is a writer.  She wanted to describe a drawing the way she saw.  Here’s what she came up with….

” “A single painting hung to the red grass cloth wallpaper. No color and no texture was present, just plain black lines and squiggles.  All edges were straight and neat, except on the right.  The right side was torn and uneven, like if it had been torn out of the book it was connected to before.  It was a picture of a lady. She had a heart shaped face pointed at the chin.  Her hair curly and matted.  So thin. There wasn’t much of it.  The curls did not touch the shoulders, nor did the two sides match.  Her shoulders were broad. They were covered by frills, probably a dress. Her eyes were short and wide. They glittered even though no color was there.  Two thin eyebrows were above the eyes.  One up and one down.  Almost like the look I get from my teachers.  And her lips…. So big and round.  They were closed. The left side of her plump lip was high like a grin.  It went well with the one arched eyebrow.

And that was it.

Framed in gold; so dull without texture and color, yet so lovely and beautiful. Unique! And it hung alone to the red grass cloth wall paper.” “

© Photo by Baily

A Little Darling Angel, Baily and Holiday-Spirited Japanese Elf Boy, Kenji

. . .


4 responses to “Holiday 2009

  1. um…wonder why there is a cross above my head in one of the photographs? saintly?
    glad you are a part of the fam.
    i love you tons!


  2. Yes, You are a holy thing, Gigi you know it.


  3. Little Sister (baily)

    I love it!!! Thank you sooooo much big bro haha and i cant way to play ninja again!!!

    P.S I love the picture


    • Ninjaaaaaaaaah!!!!
      I only know one other American (besides me) who use the word, “nor” in his writings. Yep, you guessed it right. He is a writer in Seattle (born and raised in Santa Barbara & moved to Seattle). And now you. Excellent. Very super-duper excellent.


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