The First Sunrise of the Year (join me!)

The First Sunrise of 2009 (even with heavy fog, I know the Sun was there!)

. . .

Yep, it’s that time again.  My annual “The First Sunrise of the Year”.  Hatsuhinode This year I’m inviting anyone who want to come, as well as SBIPG members.  I just posted following notice at the SBIPG website.

Hello everyone!
It’s about time! I can hear someone is saying that. Yes, we are starting 2010 with the big bang. I am going to photograph The First Sunrise of the Year (Hatsuhinode in Japanese) which people in Japan go to places like a mountain top or by the sea or top of a building so that they can observe the first sunrise of the year, and during which you will briefly look back and lament the previous year for the last time, and then look forward and upward and bring “CHI” (OR “KI”) into your heart to take on the 2010. When you promise something to the Sun, you just can’t quit, can you? The Sun comes up everyday for the rest of the year to check on you.

I do this every year, and this time I thought I’d invite SBIPG members if you are at all interested. You will get to experience how to photograph the Sun, what are the rules (or tricks) surrounding photographing the Sun (or shooting directly into the Sun, shooting into the sky, basic but very crucial information about your camera’s meter (reflective light meter) and an incident light meter. Do you need to use an incident light meter? No, most likely you don’t, but you want to know about the reflective light meter and the incident light meter, and what they do with many different scenes.

January 1st, 2010 (FRI) 6:00pm to meet at a parking lot at the Santa Barbara Harbor, adjacent to SBCC Football Field. The sunrise is 7:05 AM, so find your perfect spot, set your gears up, and then wait for the big daddy to come out over the horizon. PLEASE CALL ME TO CONFIRM THIS, AND PLEASE GIVE YOUR CELL # FOR THE LAST MINUTE CHANGE.
805-637-0158 (T-mobile)

You need these if you come.
Towel (for you and for your camera)
small flash light
Light snack (energy bar and hot coffee or tea is good)

Thanks. If you come, very cool. If not, have yourself a happy super-duper New Year!!!!!!

. . .

The First Sunrise of 2005

This 2005 sunrise was one of the best looking sunrise due to stormy weather and its heavy-duty clouds.  It started to rain while I was making this photograph.  This was shot from KEYT-TV STATION (aka: TV Hill).  Sadly it’s no longer accessable to this particular spot.  The KEYT claims that they own this view (copy righted) and they put up a 7-foot-wall around backside of the station.  I got kicked out twice; once when I was conducting a photography workshop with eight (8) participants, and another time when I took a girl up there enjoying the view and she was making few shots, then this guy came out of the TV station and said, “hey, you guys can’t be here.  We have copy right on this view, so you can take pictures either.  You need to leave”.  Then they put up a wall after that :(

. . .


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