The First Sunrise & Sunset of 2010

I like saying “Happy New Year” to whomever I haven’t said so during the month of January.  (I can do that, can’t I?)  Anyway, it took me only less than one week to post these pix of The First Sunrise of the Year (The First Sunset of the Year is a new thing this year that I may or may not continue….), and I’d have to say I’m doing alright considering so much HAPPINESS and CRAZINESS have been upon me for this Xmas Holiday/New Year/Birthday season.  I know I’m bit behind on things, but hold your horses because I know I can get to them sometime before the end of this year, I promise!  謹賀新年開けましておめでとう


Happy New Year!! (The Year of Tiger)


Members of SBIPG joined me this year. AJ, Bob, Lyle and Martha, Thanks for all coming!

... and here's the First Sunset of 2010

. . .

More Info on SBIPG….

SBIPG: Santa Barbara International Photography Group


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