Global Handwashing Day

October 15th is the official Global Handwashing Day but evidently there’s a some sort of movement that people want to make everyday as Global Handwashing Day (JK).  One of my client sent me this, but I have already established my good (maybe a tad bit OCD-ish?) hand-sanitizing-ritual so I don’t think I will be switching my method anytime soon…. (besides I don’t necessary think anyone want to watch me dance in that outfit… do you?).

They filmed this dance masterpiece in Japan.

. . .

This is the Logo used for Global Handwashing Day around the world. Shown in the image are water, soap, and hand.  Read more about Global Handwashing Day

More information on UNICEF

. . .


2 responses to “Global Handwashing Day

  1. i hate to say this but for a second i thought that was you in that silly outfit.
    wouldn’t put it past you.
    now excuse me…..i need to go wash my hands!


  2. You funny!!! (and fun, Miriam says…)


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